Monday, August 29, 2011

A New School Year

Yes, yes... it is another school year
ready to begin.  No, no... I am not ready
for school to begin again.

My boys just LOVE getting their picture
taken.  Notice Brock and his barely there
smile.  It must be a 6th grade thing.

Good-bye Kindergarten boy!  I hope you have
a wonderful first year at school.

The very first bus ride of his very first
day going to school.  He is so much like me
that I just know it will be a good day!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Earthquake in Pa?

So, oddly yesterday was my birthday and of all gifts to receive on my birthday, I received the gift of feeling an earthquake.  It was quite odd!  I was online checking my e-mail sitting in my little computer chair when it felt like one of my boys were gently moving my chair a little.  I turned around but there were no boys in the room.  I thought, maybe the washing machine is on and trembling the floor a little but NOPE!  So, I felt it for 10 seconds, shrugged my shoulders and kept checking my e-mail.  A few minutes later, I switch to Facebook when I read that many in our area felt the earthquake that had happened in Virginia.  I realized, ok... that's what it was.  I wasn't losing my mind after all!  My mother thought there was a critter in her house around the couch when she felt it.  I don't think we realize living where we do that happenings like hurricanes, tornados or earthquakes could happen in our little town in Pennsylvania.  Oddly, we feel their effects quite often.  My yard and basement have been flooded by heavy rains due to a hurricane on the East Coast.  Yesterday, I felt my first earthquake, which happened in Virginia but was felt in Pennsylvania and even Martha's Vineyard.  Maybe God is trying to tell us, "Wake Up Nation!  I am coming soon and these are a few signs that I mentioned many years ago that would happen before my Son's return to Earth!"  Maybe some of you will say, "that was just happen stance."  That's ok.  I'm ready for the Son's return to here on Earth.  Are you? 

Friday, August 19, 2011

Our Fun Vacation

This is where we spent our wonderful vacation this year.
Lake George, New York.  Sitting on our dock,
you could see that mountains at the same time!

This is the group that went Extreme Ziplining.  Kolby,
littlest in the front went on a 1 hour trip (me following)
and the rest went on the 4 hour trip!  CRAZY!!!!

This was typical of every night.  Dance party with
Hannah playing guitar in the background. As you can see,
Seth, Ty and Kolby are getting their "GROOVE" on!

This picture is our deck view, that looks out over
the lake.  Ah, I miss that house :(

Here is the view from our porch.  What an amazing
view we had each and every day.

A rare photo of Adam and I enjoying a little time near
the water.  I think I even see a little smile from him :)

Oh ya, at the VERY top of the page is a picture of my family. 
We had that taken infront of the fireplace at our Lake House.
My Dad likes to make fun of my Lake George pants that
I had on that evening.  They were only $6.00!!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Funny Things We Read

Well, I was on here reading a blog that one woman wrote and she was very funny.  She is my age and has 2 sons.  Her husband's business isn't doing very well and she works from home.  She was saying how sometimes buying cheaper isn't better.  Like, she said pay the extra $2.00 for the better toilet paper.  I had to laugh, because I have done that too!  I think we all try and cut corners and save money for our family but sometimes, it just isn't worth it.  With me, I have decided to actually make some cut-backs and not go out as often or shop when I can.  So, instead of working part-time weekly, I only work a few days a month.  This is a small sacrifice to ease things in my life.  Having a husband who works about 70 hours a week and with 3 young boys who will be in school soon and 2 of those boys in football (every day) and wanting to be available for places needed in church, I have decided to SIMPLIFY (my favorite word) my life and cut back on work.  That also means that I will be buying the cheaper cookies at the store and not the expensive ones in the deli.  BUT, I'm happy and God always provides.  Adam and I do very well and are happy.  We never go hungy and have a lovely home for shelter.  I just had to laugh about the blog and share with everyone else that buying the more expensive toilet paper will sometimes pay off in the end!!!!!!!!
Ha, enjoy your week.