Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sweet Summertime

Who doesn't love summer?  Sure fall and spring
are nice and even winter too but there is something
special about those summer months!

It wouldn't be summer without 4th of July camping!
These kids are so dirty that they look like they are
Children of the Corn!

Ahh, arriving at the beach.  What a wonderful vacation.
Too bad it wasn't longer but putting our feet in the sand
for a few days sure was nice!

Our boys decided that Adam and I needed our
picture taken together.  It is rare to have a picture
of us together without the boys.

It wouldn't be summer without a wedding!  Here we cousins
are huddled around our grandparents and we're being all
goofy for our picture!  I love my family.

Summer day in Gettysburg when the temperature was
a good 90* but the boys were still respectful when
we walked through the cemetery.

Just a good picture of Adam and the boys.
Can you tell that Adam likes being on vacation?
He is smiling in this picture!

Ahh, lots and lots of summer swimming.  It's so nice to
be able to jump in the pool on a hot, hot day!
It's hard to believe that summer is already 1/2 over.
I'm not ready for my boys to start back to school.  I wish we
had an extra month of summer!!!!!!!!!


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