Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Lovin'

So, our summer began with a beautiful wedding.
Seth found out that Hannah had a fancy J on her toe
(her husband is Jeremiah) and he decided since he was in
the wedding, he wanted an S for Seth!

                                            Here are 2 best buddies looking so handsome for the
                                             wedding.  They did a great job!

Here is a picture of all 3 boys.  Brock's smile is a little "odd" but
it was the best I could get.  He'll hate me for putting this on here
but I am the parent and I like the picture :)

Oh Yes, baseball has finished.  Here Kolby is batting and
I must say, his batting skills improved greatly over the season.
I just loved this Dodger team!

Kolby getting a pep talk from coach Cory.

Oh, here we have Brock running to first base.  His Ranger team
did an awesome job this year.  They came in 2nd place over all
but they had the same amount of wins as the 1st place team and
let me say.... I will miss this team.

Here coach "Grampa Butch" is getting him ready to run.
I do believe that he scored on this next hit!

So, that started off the summer.  Next, we have another wedding in July and
vacationing at the beach.  I'm sure another blog with fun pictures of that
week will follow :)  Plus, I'll need to get some summer swimming pictures
up.  Happy summer to all and remember what is important in life...
It's not about the things in life but the people!


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