Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Kolby the Bantam

Here we have Kolby.  This is his first
year at playing football.  He is on the starting
Defensive team.  So far, he enjoys this sport!

Here is Kolby again, looking like a muddy zombie.
This game was the muddiest game we have ever
had.  By the time Brock played, there was more
mud than field.

All of these boys seemed to have fun playing in the mud.
I'm not sure all of us parents liked washing these uniforms
they did great and won their game.  What a great bunch of
kids.  I'll have to post pictures of Brock whenever I get them

Monday, September 5, 2011

Fall is here!

Well, since the weather feels like Autumn, I figured I would
post a few pictures that I had taken in the fall of our farm.
We went for a ride one day with our boys and dog and on
top of a very high hill, I took some great shots!

You can see that the leaves were just starting to turn
their beautiful colors.  I am hoping that we get lovely colors
again and I am able to get some more shots this fall!

I can't believe that summer is now officially over.  Well,
almost.  When Labor Day passes, I feel that summer
has ended.  That makes me sad.  I like the 80 degree
days and flip flops.  I guess I will only have to wait
about 8 more months until that type of weather returns.