Sunday, October 16, 2011


Oh, today is Sunday!  I think this is the best day of the week.  My husband did not have to work today and we have NO where to go!  This is something rare.  I layed on the couch and watched Steeler football and now have chicken cooking for chicken pot pie.  The leaves on the trees have turned to a golden brown, a sign that it is getting to that point in Autumn when it is going to be cold and look more like winter.  Plus, it is dreary and rainy.  I believe God gives us Sundays to rest.  That way we are able to handle the week to come.  There is a country song "That's What I Like About Sundays" and I must say, that is one of my favorite songs.  Have a great week!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Football, Football, Football

Oh my, what a night or I should say all day experience.  So, we drive to Kolby and Brock's game yesterday, which is 1 and 1/2 hours away.  We had to be there by 3:30 so they could warm up for an hour before the game.  So, I take my trust worthy tent and set it up, with help from many other loyal fans and we ended up with 5 tents for the first 2 games.  There we are, sitting in 44* weather with the rain sprinkling down and winds blowing around us.  Kolby starts to play and keeps looking at me for help because his hands were too cold.  Me being mother of the year, didn't have playing gloves for him.  I must say, he will have them for next weeks game.  So, he is playing and the boys are trying to huddle and fit 3 boys into 1 coat.  They did win their game though and it seemed to raise their spirits.  Brock is sitting with his group waiting their turn while the next team, which is my nephews team begins to play.  His group are all sitting under a blanket drinking hot cocoa and trying to keep warm and dry. 
OK, 1 game down and the next game begins.  My nephew Ethan is playing and I run Kolby to the Explorer to change his clothes, find his Star Wars gloves and grab a winter coat.  My niece and I enjoyed a little warmth as we sat in the car waiting for him to change.  Now, we are hungry and go to their concession stand.  After standing for almost 20 minutes and missing the first 1/2 of the game, Kolby and I make our way back to the stands to huddle together eating our food.  We were sad that they ran out of cocoa during the 1st game.  This team is playing and unfortunately, they didn't with their game.
More people start to leave.  Goodbye sister, she leaves too with her family and I am sitting with my football sister Corinne, who I must say is a hysterical person, and some other Senior football parents and grandparents.  Well, lo and behold... it was Senior Night at their school.  That took an extra 1/2 hour.  It's not like we weren't freezing and hungry as it was!  Now, Brock begins to play and it is 8:30pm.  Yes, they started that late.  The winds actually die down a little but the cheerleaders are still cheering.  They cheer for a touchdown and crazy Corinne starts cheering for a wood stove instead of a touchdown.  The mud is flying and the boys were slipping all over the field.  Unfortunately, Brock's team lost their game too.
Well, we pack up our tents and grab our muddy boys and head to the car.  We all enjoy the warm heat coming from the car as we drive down the road.  I see a Sheetz about 5 miles down the road and stop to get something hot to drink for the boys and I.  Remember, we had one and 1/2 hours to drive home.  We walk in and funny as it was, about half of Brock's team were in there with the same idea.  We get home at 11:40pm after a long drive home and welcome our warm beds.  It was a LONG day and a LONG night!
My point to telling you this, I hope you all that were in your cozy, little homes enjoyed yourselves.  Even though I froze and now have a little boy with a raspy voice and sore throat, we'll probably do it all next week!!!!!!!!!!!!  And that folks, is my typical Saturday.  Oh, if you are wondering where Seth was in all of this.... he happily spent the night with my nephew!