Thursday, January 26, 2012


This is a new Bible study that I am privileged to be a part of.
What a great book!  It was a good day.  I had lunch and
fellowship with some amazing ladies.

I read ahead and decided that Sarah may be my favorite
woman in the Bible.

Oh, there is my 31 bag all ready to go!  I have a little of everything
in there.  My book, Bible, some cards to be mailed, papers,
a pen, phone, chap stick.  You know, all of the necessities!

Winter Days and Nights

Oh, here is my new "MACHINE" that I try and use at least every
other day.  I decided to be realistic and not set my goal to
work out daily because we all know things come up and I didn't
want to be hard on myself the days I may have to miss.  So far,
I like using it and getting in a work out makes me feel really good!

Oh, this is what Brock likes to do for "down" time.
He is a GAMER and this is his new chair, thanks
to Grama and Grampa Bryant!

Kolby loves the NERF guns.  He thinks he is a sniper for
the US military.  I think he forgets sometimes that he is only 8!

This is just a rare picture of Adam smiling.  I believe he was watching
"THE BLUE PLANET" and rare glimpses of giant squid!
My family like to watch odd things like this.  Another favorite is
finding the SASQUATCH!

We can't forget Seth.  He likes his new DSI, which was
a Christmas present this year. 
This is how we spend our Friday nights in the winter.  How about you??????

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Our Weekend








These are some verbs that described our fun weekend away!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

One Word

I read a VERY interesting blog today from a woman that I know.  Actually, she is my former pastor's wife.  Her husband performed Adam's and my wedding many years ago.  Anyway, she blogged about this year and using only 1 word to describe your new year.  So, she used the word Prayer.  Each month she wrote who or what she would be praying for.  What a great idea!  She mentioned how hard sometimes it is to pray or how we can feel unequipped to pray or that we may not pray as well as someone else we know.  I know I have felt that way many times.  I do not pray lengthy prayers.  Mine are rather short and quite to the point.  I know others who pray and they always seem to know exactly what to say at the most perfect time.  
God states in the Bible that we are not to ramble on and on but to give a heartfelt prayer unto the Lord and he will always hear us.  So, PRAYER is a great word to use for that 1 word.           
Besides prayer, I would probably use SIMPLIFY.  That would probably better describe me.  If you look around my house, you will notice a few wooden signs, stars on my fridge and other things that have 1 word on it and that word is SIMPLIFY.  I have been trying lately to do that in many things in my life.  I cut back on my job from 2 days a week to now maybe 1 day a week.  That doesn't only help me but my husband as well.  I also try and SIMPLIFY the things in life that I am involved in.  Not only myself but what my children are involved in as well.  I am no super-woman.  So, I have decided I would rather have a peaceful heart and mind and SIMPLIFY things around me!
Thank you to Stacey for letting me "use" some of her and her blog.  I hope you can find your 1 word that describes you!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Rain, Rain, Rain

I found these pictures online and thought they were pretty cool.  Especially on this rainy day.  Who would have thought that we would have 50* weather and rain storms in January?  Just last weekend we had a brief snow storm!

I liked this one too because of the pretty umbrella.  Rain, rain go away!  Come again another day!  ( like in April not January )

Monday, January 9, 2012

My Boys

Here we are on the first big snow of the new year.  Boys playing football.  This is normal with them.  They play in the house, in the snow or anywhere!

Brock's pass to Kolby is...... complete!

Ok, now this is the real Kolby.  In timeout for throwing snow in
Seth's face, again.

And here is Seth.  Crying again, because Kolby threw snow in his face.

Brock and the football.  His best friend.

I threw in a few hunting photos too.  This was Kolby's first year and he had the privilage of sitting with Adam this year.  I think he was more excited to be with his dad and didn't really care about the hunt!

3 men ready for action!


Sunday, January 1, 2012


WOW, I can't believe that last December in 2010, we had this much snow.  I wonder when we are going to get our winter?  I know it is odd but I am looking forward to having snow.

I'm ready to look out the window and gaze upon God's white wonder!

Since it is now January 1st, 2012.... I will begin to think of what this new year will bring to me and to my family.  For now, I'm just hoping for snow.