Monday, March 26, 2012

Ah Boys

I was going through old pictures on my computer and came
across these, which are about 3 years old.  Ah Seth, 
this is when you had your first set of stitches for riding
your bike down cement steps!

And here you are with the little scar on your forehead.

Brock, are your trying to look all "tough?"  Sorry but those
dimples will give you away every time!

Kolby, the photogenic one.  Even when being goofy, I don't
think this child could take a bad picture.  Oh these were
the days of his "hair hawk" stages.  (mo-hawk, 
foe-hawk, etc...)

For some reason I have always liked this picture.  I'm not
sure why but it maybe because all of their tongues
are sticking out.

Kolby being all still like a soldier.  He may be the one to join
the service because he is always posing like this in pictures or
holding a sword or toy gun.

There you have it!  A reminiscence of my 3 boys, 3 years ago
at our old house.  It's always fun to look at pictures and compare
them to what they look like now!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


What a beautiful Spring Day!  Seth is enjoying a little time
on the swing that Danny had made for us.
I can't wait to get that up and enjoy it too!

A lovely day on the farm.  Busy as ever!

Pretty flowers full in bloom and shrubs budding.

Seth wanting a picture of us together.  Who would
have thought we would have t-shirts on in March
and be warm?

Even the dandelions are trying to sprout.
That means... I better get my mower ready.

Oh Cheech.  You silly cat that is enjoying all of this
warm sunshine.

And Chubby who is trying to find shade and
a little rest.

This is my favorite picture of all.  Flip-flops and Crocs in
March!  I just hope I can leave them out and not have
to get the boots back out.  

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Well, yesterday I decided to try and find some scriptures about Lent and Passover.  Did you know that no one in the Bible celebrated Lent?  Actually, it was a Pagan holiday.  I found that interesting.  Then, there is Passover.  Jesus acknowledged Passover and when he had the Last Supper, he gave it a bit of a twist for us Gentiles.  He said that we are to think of him as the sacrificial lamb.  So, I decided to read some of these passages to my sons.  What a tricky thing to do!  Trying to describe to a 5 year old what happened was quite interesting.  My 8 yr. old says, "These are really good stories."  To that my 11 yr. old says, "These aren't just stories but this all truly did happen!"  Easter eggs and bunnies are cute to look at and remind us of Spring but I wanted my boys to understand WHY we celebrate the true meaning of Easter.  I told them that it is actually bigger than Christmas.  Seth didn't understand this because Santa is bigger than a bunny.  I planted a seed, but it's going to take a while with that one!