Saturday, February 18, 2012

Funny Cats

Kitty-Cat Chaos!  MEOW!

Did someone say dinnertime?

Here they are in rare form. (being patient)
From Left to Right:
Chong, Baby, Chubby, Yellow Kitty and Cheech
Yes, those are their names.  They go WILD whenever we clink our
forks against a plate or Adam may tease them.  As you can see in picture #2, Adam must
have wiggled the door knob.  I think we need a BIG and SCARY dog!
Yes, we have a big dog but they think Tucker is their best friend.
Maybe we should take the advice " Have your pet spade or neutered!"

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!
May your day be full of LOVE.

Many will go out for dinner tonight but not us.  I decided to make a pot
roast with yummy veggies for our supper tonight.  I even decided to
make it special and have a small cake and sparkling grape
juice for Adam, the boys and I! 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Just being MOM

Our happy family of 5, at Myrtle Beach

My boys

A rare picture of me with the boys

So, I ask the boys tonight... "If there was something different that I could do to be a better mom, what would that be?" 
Kolby spoke first. "Well, he said, you could not yell so much to clean our rooms."
Brock had a nervous look on his face and kept asking, "Why? Why did you ask us this?"
He looked as if I was falling off of a cliff and he would never see me again.  He told me that
I was a great mom. 
Seth says "Mom, your wonderful and I love you.  You are perfect." 
Then, Kolby says, "Well, you are a pretty good mom, I guess."
Brock still looks nervous like I am going to fall out of this chair and disappear forever.  I think
I made him nervous.
I tell the boys I am not perfect that no person is.   I am trying however to be a better mother.  It
is hard to have 3 boys and not go a little nutty at times with keeping a nice and tidy house.
Especially, now that we live in a MUCH larger home.  I've learned in my old age (of 34) to
relax a little more than when I first became a mother and to listen to my sons more.  They will not
be this young for long and I will miss them when they grow up.  I don't want them to reflect back when they are my age and say that I yelled at them or was always grumpy.  I try and be fun but they do respect me and know when I mean business, I MEAN BUSINESS!  Sometimes we get
into a routine and do not want to stop but when one of my boys says they need me, I have been stopping what I am doing to see what they need or listen to them instead of my radio when I am
making supper.  Mothers aren't perfect and I know I definately am not but I'm happy that for now,
my boys think that I am!