Monday, April 22, 2013


Well, it is that wonderful time of year again.  The trees and plants are starting to bud.  People are beginning to mow their yards and America's game of baseball is in the air!  As I think of Spring and all of the new beginnings it has for us, it makes me think of this past Sunday.  At our church we had a baptism service of 7 people.  They ranged from the age of 10 years old toward 50 years old.  Each person had read their testimony, which were honest and very heart felt.  Three of those getting baptised were from our Youth group, which I help with.  I was so happy when my own son was baptised a couple of years ago and I must say, I sort-of had that feeling with these 3 lovely young people.  Baptism is like Spring.  It is a renewing of spirit and life.  No matter how dark days can become (as in Winter) springtime is around the corner and beautiful things are to come.